Aerosol Bag-on-Valve

Semi-automatic and full-automatic aerosol bag-on-valve filling machines

After placing the bag-on-valve in the can, compressed air is first introduced into the space between the bag and the bus, after which the valve is shrunk onto the bus. The bag is filled through the valve under pressure, which creates an even higher pressure between the bag and the can. The valve is vacuum cleaned, after which the spray head and the overcap are placed.

Capacity semi-automatic : up to 16 per minute (depending on can size, work organization and experience).
Capacity full-automatic : up to 20, 40 or 60 per minute.

No use of propellant, only compressed air or nitrogen.
Product does not come into contact with the gas.
Product does not come into contact with (the coating of) the aerosol.
Aerosol can always be almost completely emptied.
A bag-on-valve can be used at all spraying angles, including upside down.

Technical details
Electrical connection : 3×400 VAC+N+PE
Compressed air : 6 bar