RP Inline Capper dynamic

Single-head dynamic Inline Capper for closing a wide range of packages up to approx. 30 litres

With moving closing head for higher capacity.
Suitable for closing screw caps, spouch caps and snap caps and adding carrying handles. Possibility of hermetically closing or sealing the packaging with aluminum foil by means of the induction sealer.

The packaging runs through an infeed belt in a positioning system with 2 laterally driven positioning belts. These belts guarantee an accurate positioning of the packaging under the closing positions. The positioning belts are easily adjustable by means of spindle adjustment with a hand wheel and a counter, which makes the machine very flexible. The closing head is dynamic: the closing head moves along with the movement of the packaging during filling, so that the packaging does not have to stand still (higher capacity). Next to the machine is a cap sorting machine that automatically sorts the caps and feeds them to the closing head.

Capacity : 1000 – 2800 packages per hour

All settings are on the closing head.
The closing head is completely interchangeable, so that you can quickly change to a different type or size of cap.
The rotating speed of the closing head is adjustable via the touch panel.
The conveyor belt is speed controlled by means of a frequency converter.
The conveyor belt is made of low-maintenance POM plastic.
The electrical control box is located on the top of the machine above the outfeed conveyor (safe against ingress of product, easily accessible for the technician and easily accessible for the operator to operate the buttons and touch panel).
For control, the sealing machine is equipped with a PLC with operator-friendly touch panel.
All adjustable parameters can be recorded in a recipe structure, making the settings quickly reproducible by just changing the recipe/program.

+ Caps infeed system – large bulk hopper for easy constant supply of the caps sorting machine

Technical details
Electrical connection : 3×400 VAC+N+PE
Compressed air : 6 bar