RP Inline Capper II voor Twist-off caps tot 18000 flessen/potten per uur

Flexible Inline Capper for closing plastic and glass bottles/jars with steel twist-off caps or white caps

Large can size range

The machine provides the packages with a metal cap and tightens it. The supply of caps takes place fully automatically. Simple change of the height adjustment of the packaging is possible through a motorized spindle adjustment. No change of format parts necessary.

Packaging diameter : 30 – 106 mm
Packaging height : 40 – 260 mm
Cap diameter : 27 – 82 mm
Capacity : up to 18000 packages per hour

+ Automatic format change – change packaging in 1-2 minutes
+ Steam injection – for creating vacuum in the packaging

Technical details
Electrical connection : 3×400 VAC+N+PE
Compressed air : 6 bar